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Building Repairs Inner West & Eastern Suburbs

Property maintenance is crucial to ensure that your residential or commercial property continues to be a valuable asset. With a professional building repairs service such as All About Town with you, maintaining your property becomes a simple and stress-free task.

We are a handyman service catering to building repairs requirements of commercial and residential property owners in the Sydney Inner West including St George, North Shore and west eastern suburbs.

With over 17 years’ experience in offering a complete range of building repairs service, you can trust us to give you the best solution for any issue.

Our experts can take care of any issue concerning your property, from gutter blockage to kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, construction services, house painting, furniture assembly, and more.

Our experience in building maintenance reveals that preventative maintenance is always the best option to stay away from unnecessary spending. Preventative maintenance is taking proactive action instead of reactive action to property and equipment issues.

So, how can you benefit from preventative maintenance? Let’s take a look.

Prevent Major Problems in Future

A leaky roof may not seem a great problem until you discover water spots on your roofs, ceiling, walls, ugly mould growth and decreased air quality indoors. These issues need to be fixed immediately to prevent problems to your building structure over time. This means that you’ll have to spend more to get these issues resolved.

With All About Town, you’ll get a reliable partner providing high quality services each time, every time. Whether you find a leaky faucet, clogged drains or a damp basement, call us immediately.

Our experts will look into the issue and give you a quote. On acceptance of the quote, we’ll resolve the existing issue before it escalates into a major problem.

Save Money

Resolving minor issues is cheaper than trying to fix major problems. Problems are also easier to fix when they are in the early stages. For example, a roof leak is cheaper to fix and easier to complete than handling roof debris and mould, which are the consequences of ignoring a roof leak.

In commercial settings, the added risk of spending huge money on equipment breakdowns and replacements, and productivity downtime is also greatly reduced.

Moreover, preventative maintenance involves regular maintenance. In commercial settings, this is a great cost-saving measure as regular equipment check enables identification of issues faster, and prevents the need for replacement or expensive repair.

Equipment in commercial and residential settings can consume money in the form of expensive energy bills, especially when they are not well-maintained. Equipment such as heating and cooling systems and lighting systems last long, save energy, and save you money on utility bills.

Ensure Greater Safety

Be it property or equipment maintenance, regular preventative maintenance reveals safety breach issues, which can be immediately rectified, leading to greater safety.

Minimal Disruption

A sudden equipment breakdown, especially when you have a crucial client delivery, can be embarrassing at the least. With preventative maintenance, you’ll not experience any such nasty surprises at the last moment.

In residential settings, daily life can come to a standstill with as simple a disruption as a clogged toilet. Such occurrences can be avoided with a regular maintenance schedule.

Increase Property Value

With preventative maintenance, you’ll have property and equipment that perform exceptionally well, last long, save you money, and become entities you can rely on, always.

With preventative maintenance, you make a valuable asset of your home. Well-maintained commercial property and equipment become great working assets for facility managers.

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With All About Town, you get a fully licensed and trusted partner that adds great value to your preventative maintenance strategy. Our services including property maintenance, office fit-out and other handyman jobs, come with the assurance of quality workmanship.

All About Town is experienced in project management of any size and complexity. With our extensive range of handyman services, you’ll discover us to be a one-stop shop for all your building and construction needs. We are a licensed and insured company, which means you’ll have complete peace of mind.

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