All ABout Town Carpentry Services Inner West & Eastern Suburbs

Carpentry Services Inner West & Eastern Suburbs

Good-looking furniture is an attraction in itself. Regular maintenance of your furniture is essential to keep it in a safe, sound and good condition.

All About Town can help you keep your residential and commercial furniture intact. We have been delivering high quality workmanship for over 17 years with our carpentry services.

Our carpentry services include furniture assembly, hardwood floors installation, fixture repairs, decking and balconies, stair repairs, wardrobe repairs, wardrobe installation, storage solutions, shelving, ceiling panel replacement, fencing and other building services.

We are your local carpentry service – our carpentry services are available throughout Sydney Inner West. So, we are quick to reach your area and can get the work done within the shortest time possible. You’ll experience excellent accessibility with us.

As a seasoned service provider, we are aware of the common types of furniture repairs that plague households. If you are experiencing any of the following furniture repairs at your home, call our crew today.

Sagging Sofas

Sofas see daily use. This everyday use makes them saggy and ugly. It can be tempting to go for cheap fixes such as covering the saggy portions. However, cheap fixes will ruin your sofa. The repair won’t last for a long time either. In a short time, your sofa is sure to fall apart.

All About Town believes in high-quality permanent remedy. Our experts offer the best solution for your sagging sofa. We’ll restore your loving furniture to its original glory so you can enjoy it for years to come.

Loose Chair Rungs

Everyday use can loosen chair joints. In wooden chairs, the rungs are the commonest victims. Rungs can be seen coming out of the chairs. These chairs are not only unsightly but are also less comfortable to sit on.

All About Town uses high-quality glue and reliable methods so that your rung is fixed intact and stays that way for a long time.

Wobbling Chairs

Wobbling chairs are unsafe and uncomfortable. So, you’ll need to fix them as soon as possible.

At All About Town, we use appropriate braces and methods such as pilot hole drilling to remedy the wobbliness without damaging the wood.

Broken Sofa Springs

Sofas with broken springs are uncomfortable to sit on and look unsightly too. The creaking noises they make are annoying. You may think that replacement is the only option in such a case.

But, All About Town can fix your broken spring and can get your sofa back to good condition. Our services are cheaper too, which means you get the best cost-saving deal with us.

Damaged Drawer Corners

Using nails along the corners is a common repair method that most people go for in such cases. But, this quick-fix solution does not last. Moreover, it damages the wood at the corners. Drawers are made of delicate wood at the corners; so, nailing the wood can cause the wood to come apart.

At All About Town, our specialists do not use the nail method. In fact, our fixing job in such cases starts with removing any and all nails in such places. We apply tried and tested methods so that you get a good-looking well-structured drawer with well-assembled corners.

All About Town Can Help

All About Town Handyman & Property Renovations study every project meticulously and applies a repair method that is best. We can provide regular furniture maintenance service that covers all the above repairs and more.

Our extensive experience in the building industry enables us to deliver the best solutions to you, which means you get the best value for your money with us.

Call us at 0411 520 042 or fill out the enquiry form below and we will get back to you shortly.