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A blocked gutter may seem like a common household problem you could afford to ignore. However, if left unchecked, it can lead to major problems like a leaking roof or disfigured walls. The resulting problems demand immediate attention and major repairs, which means unnecessary spending and mental stress for you.

If a household repair has been pestering you for some time, and you want to get rid of it, the best way to do it is to call All About Town. We are your local handyman service offering house repairs in Inner West & Eastern Suburbs.

Our house repairs in Inner West & Eastern Suburbs crew can take care of all your home maintenance needs, from a clogged toilet to a major kitchen renovation.

With over 17 years of experience in delivering high standards of house repairs in Inner West & Eastern Suburbs, we will resolve the issue quickly and affordably.

Since delay can spell trouble for the future when it comes to some household repairs, it is prudent to address such issues immediately. Our experience in building maintenance shows that these are some key issues that require immediate attention.

Damp Discoloured Water Spots

If such spots are visible on your ceiling or walls, get them fixed immediately. There could be several reasons for the presence of such spots.

The plumbing system within your ceiling or wall could be leaking, or water could be seeping into your walls and ceilings from outside.

Take note of the frequency of the occurrence of spots to identify the exact reason for the leak. For example, if water spots are always present, then a leaky plumbing system could be the culprit. If water spots begin to appear after a rain, then a leak in your roof or window could be the reason.

Ignoring repair or maintenance can result in water seeping into a larger area inside the house. Ultimately, you may have to replace or repaint the damaged area. You may also have to handle mould growth and the consequences if you leave such damp spots unfixed.

Finding the right source of a leak can be tricky. All About Town is a specialist in handyman work. We identify the source of leak accurately. We then set out to resolve the issue and restore your home to its original good condition within the shortest time possible.

Blocked Gutters

Leaves, twigs, bird nests and rodents can clog your gutters blocking the free flow of rainwater. This blockage has several consequences:

  • The blocked water can be absorbed by the debris, forming mulch, which if left ignored can seep into building walls and ceiling, damaging the structure
  • Storms can push the water onto the sidewalk or driveways. This poses a slip and fall hazard. Water can freeze up during winters and can cause slipping accidents.
  • Water can also seep into the basement leading to stinky, damp and dirty basements that attract mould growth. Constant exposure to moisture can damage the basement over time.

All About Town can get rid of the problem with our regular gutter maintenance service. We can also install gutter guards to get rid of gutter blockage permanently.

All About Town Decking & Balconies

Decking & Balconies

Rotting Decks

Wooden decks can be affected due to rotting over time, especially if they are installed in areas that don’t receive much sunlight. Rotting can penetrate deeper and damage the entire structure making the deck unsafe for use.

Depending on the age of your deck and the extent of rot, All About Town can provide a suitable solution. For example, in case of aged decks, our decking and balconies experts go for complete board replacement to ensure a safe and solid structure underfoot.

All About Town can take care of every home need, including door repairs and installation, general wear and tear, carpentry and house painting. We are the trusted handyman Inner West & handyman Eastern Suburbs service.

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