All ABout Town Office Refurbishment Inner West & Eastern Suburbs

Office Refurbishment Inner West & Eastern Suburbs

A well-designed office is always an asset that attracts clients and provides a good environment for employees. However, with time, the beauty of the interiors can become dull. If it has been a while since your office stopped looking fresh and inspiring, it is time to call in the office refurbishment experts at All About Town.

From transforming your office interiors into a fresh, lively and professional space to modernising your furniture, our office refurbishment specialists can do any and every renovation job for you!

Why choose All About Town?

Well, we have a number of reasons. We’ll share a few with you.

Our office refurbishment experts come with 17+ years of experience in commercial office fitouts. With us, you’ll have a reliable office refurbishments partner that takes care of entire project management, from start to finish, with minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.

We are your local office fitout specialists, meaning you get excellent accessibility – a crucial aspect to finish your project on time and on budget. Our office design services are available to clients in the Sydney Inner West region including eastern suburbs.

As seasoned office space stylists, we are in tune with the latest interior fitout trends. We study your space and infuse creativity into your fit out project keeping in mind the latest trends.

The end result – the best office design and build that stays with your business vision, space and functional practicalities and aesthetic standards.

Here are some office interior design ideas that you could try for your next renovation project.

Partition Design

Office partitions designs are best suited for factories and warehouses where space needs to be divided to create office space and storage areas. A variety of alternatives are available to suit your requirements. For example, you could have a fire-rated partition installed. There are also options to suit your budget requirements.

A partition design can also be used to provide a dedicated space to key departments in a corporate working environment. This office interior design makes it easier for departments to communicate while allowing an individual space for every team.

When planned and executed well, this design adds class to your interiors while making it extremely functional for employees and visitors.

All About Town uses high quality materials such as glass, metal alloys and wood, depending on your material choice, aesthetic requirements and functional demands. Partitions can also be customised with specialised treatments to withstand heavy wear and tear and temperature variations.

Mezzanine Design

A popular design that is apt for a corporate, industrial or retail setting. A mezzanine design involves adding a mezzanine floor – a floor in between the main floor on the ground and a floor upstairs.

This design is highly beneficial for interiors that demand space optimisation. You can create extra space without investing more money. This design can be dismantled, which means you have complete space flexibility – you can shrink or expand the space as required.

A mezzanine saves you immense rental costs by giving you the space you need without making any structural changes.

In manufacturing, industrial and retail settings where storage space is crucial, a mezzanine provides extra storage space without compromising the work area. The classy design lends a competitive edge to your office.

Customised Furniture

Standard furniture can seem out-of-place in an office with a highly customised design. Be quick to create a grand first impression with bespoke furniture.

Desks, chairs, sofas and other furniture, built to suit your office design and work culture, blend seamlessly with your interior design, creating a breath-taking impact on visitors. Customised furniture also delivers the wow factor, essential to keep your employees motivated.

Consider having bespoke furniture for your reception and meeting rooms in case a complete refurbishment is beyond your budget.

For the best design, service and after-care, All About Town is the best choice. We offer complete office design and maintenance solutions under one roof so that you don’t have to go anywhere else, later. And, we get our jobs done right the very first time itself, which means cost savings and complete peace of mind for you.

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